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Sunday, April 3, 2016

You Know this Artist?

From the Balcony, 1910.
This one sold for £263,400
I like to play games. I especially like to play them when I get to make up the rules. So, indulge me here a little and maybe learn about this outstanding, yet relatively ob-scure artist (above). I'm not going to give you any clues to speak of here in the text. You'll have to display your competence as an "art detective." There are, by the way, any number of clues in the paintings, along with titles and dates. Don't cheat. Don't even think about digging into the source code, (not that it would do you any good). I'd like to see several guesses appear in the "comments" section below. If you guess right, I and all my readers will give you a hardy round of applause and all the name recognition you'll allow. I'll put out a second post in a few days or weeks, depending somewhat on the response and how many correct responses show up. In the meantime--have fun.
Oh, and one more thing; as a sort of wildcard I'm throwing in; one of the paintings below is not by the artist in question.
A Winter Day, 1910

July. Bathing, 1925
Landscape, Study after Nature, 1876

Seascape Mountain
New Planet, 1921

People, 1923

The Carousel, 1913

The Beginning of Spring
The Interior, 1907


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