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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Where Are We?

I hope you don't have the phobia connected with this place.
As a retired teacher, old habits die hard. I enjoy making up tests...except that these days I call them contests. In the past I've designed brain-teasers involving the naming the artist, or the titles of their paintings, or even parts of their faces. Today, as I was trying to get a somewhat different "handle" on landscape painting it occurred to me that very often the best such works involved paintings of cities (or cityscapes, as they're sometimes called). So combining these two ideas, I've put together a group of cityscapes by various artists, some famous, some relatively unknown (some completely unknown). Some are living, others long dead. In the past when I've run such contests readers have told me they were too easy. I suppose a case could be made that they are actually too hard, judging by the number of readers who don't even try to identify the images. In any case, see if you can name these cities; but don't expect to see readily identifiable landmarks in most of the paintings (unless you happen to live in the city depicted). You'll also find quite a diversity of styles and eras represented. I shall be identifying the first reader to get all ten correct when I reveal the answers within a week or two (depending upon the response time). The first one is above, the second is below. I hope the clues help (but not too much).

Not the one in Illinois.
Guess again; your first guess is probably be wrong.
This one should be the easiest of the bunch.
A city known by its initials.
By a British painter. Study it carefully, it's not that hard.
The oldest city of them all.
Named for a newspaper.
The youngest city of the lot.
Impression--Hazy Sunrise.
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