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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Where Are We? (Answers)

The Agora, Athens, Greece
Clue: I hope you don't have the phobia connected with this place.
About three weeks ago I posted a contest presenting paintings of famous cities (and a few famous artists) from around the world for readers to try to identify. Few tried and even fewer did so successfully. No one was able to identify all ten cities. As I had feared, this little art education exercise was too difficult. Inasmuch as there were few iconic landmarks to be seen in the paintings, I'm not altogether surprised. I'll try to make the next one easier. I was a little surprised that no one recognized numbers 4, 6, and 10, all of which did contain well-known (I thought) architectural landmarks. I guess I'm going to have to spend more time and effort in the future covering famous buildings, plazas, and bridges.

Cairo, Egypt,
Jairo Londono
Clue: Not the one in Illinois.
Florence from the River Arno,
Giuseppe Zocchi.
Clue: Guess again; your first guess is probably be wrong.
(It looks like Venice, but it's not.)
Paris, France
La Madeleine, 1890s, Antoine Blanchard.
Clue: This one should be the easiest of the bunch.
Los Angeles, Ryan Millier
Clue: A city known by its initials.
Rome, from the Vatican, Preparing his Pictures
for the Decoration of the Loggia,1820, J.M. W. Turner
Clue: By a British painter. Study it carefully, it's not that hard.
The Citadel--King David's Tower, 2012, Joanna Celewicz
Clue: The oldest city of them all.
Times Square, New York City
Clue: Named for a newspaper.
View of Chicago, Lanjee Chee
Clue: The youngest city of the lot.
Waterloo Bridge, Hazy Day, London, England,
1899-1901, Claude Monet
Clue: Impression--Hazy Sunrise.

For all those who submitted guesses...thanks!


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