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Monday, February 24, 2020

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography by Ewa Meyze

Very often when the average person looks at a piece of abstract art the first words from their lips are: "What is it?" Then in response, people like me who profess to know something about art are left doing a lot of conjecturing or have to admit in all honesty that we don't know what it is either. Then we find ourselves launching into some "high brow" explanation as to the nature of abstract art and the fact that art can be simply about art itself. All of which leaves the listeners (if they are, in fact, still listening) with rolling eyes, a spinning head, or guffaws of laughter wondering how anyone could be so pretentious as to create art with content and meaning so obscure. That's not the case with work such as that of Ewa Meyze (above and below). Even though at first glance her work might seem to fall squarely into the aforementioned category, It does have recognizable content and though it does seem to have little meaning, that likewise is not the case. Ewa Meyze, in addition to her more traditional photography portfolio, is an architectural photographer.

There's no need to ask: "What is it?"
Ewa Meyze is no architect, but simply a gifted, self-taught photographer with a discerning eye to the limitless possibilities of shape repetition. And, although it was her work which first caught my eye, I soon learned there were similar photographic artists from nations all around the world doing similar work. Ewa Meyze is Swedish, working out of Stockholm depicting primary the exceptional minimalist architecture of that city and the nearby city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of the photographers below are affiliated with architectural firms creating promotional material or simply archiving completed projects, Some are, in fact, architects themselves. Inasmuch as neither Ewa Meyze, nor any of the otherss whose work can be seen below, are famous, there is little information on them or their background. Thus I've included only their names and nationalities along with my little slide show. So cursor down, enjoy, and don't ask, "What is it?"

Stunning architecture shots by Alexander Schlichting, a gifted self-taught 
photographer, and urban explorer based in Hamburg, Germany.

 Creative Brutalist Architecture Photography by Rex Zou, a talented
photographer, architect, and visual artist currently based in Shanghai, China.
Architectural shots by John Gollings, a talented 75-years old photographer,
 and architect currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Architecture Photography by Kirill Golban, a self-taught photographer, 
and urban explorer from Moscow, Russia.
Architecture in Singapore by Leslie Heng,  based in Singapore.
Photography by Roman Vlasov, photographer, designer, and architect
currently based in Moscow, Russia.
Architecture Photography in Seoul by Simon Lachapelle,
photographer, and artist from Montreal, Canada.

Stunning Architecture and Interior Photography by Yura Ukhorskiy, a self-taught
photographer, retoucher, and traveler currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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