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Friday, January 1, 2016

My Top Ten Posts for 2015

Long before David Letterman made them a talk show staple, I was always a fan of Top Ten lists. In fact, I've created a few of them over the years including:

        Top Ten American Movies of All Time

        The Top Ten Greatest Paintings

        Top Ten Ways You Know Your Art School Is Not Among the Top Ten Art Schools.

Inasmuch as today starts yet another new year, I'm taking this opportunity to list the Top Ten Posts from 2015. I must admit, some of the results surprised me. The list is based upon the number of page views each post has amassed in 2015. I would have expected the list would be based largely upon art topics; but instead, it would seem that the biographical items have been the most popular. Surprisingly, all but one are relatively unknown artists from the past.

El Velorio, ca 1893, Francisco Oller,
The Four Season, 1895, Alphonse Mucha
Legion of Super Heroes, Joe Phillips
Parada faces
The Good Samaritan, 1896, Maximilien Luce
Palm Springs Life, Patrick Nagel
Battle of Cacina, Michelangelo
Buckingham Palace from the gardens.

Mural, 1933 Chicago World's Fair, Santiago Martinez Delgado
And the number ONE post for 2015 is:


Gods of Olympus, 1534-35 Giulion Romano

There you have it, folks, click on the link above each image to check out the original post. I'm looking forward to another 365 366 posts next year. I hope you are too.


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