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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Guess Who (answers)

About a week ago I posted a series of six works by well-known artists from the past which, in seeing them, I did not recognize. At the time I promised to post the answers a few days for my "Guess Who" game and a little about each work. Use the reference numbers (1-6) for convenience:

1. Diego Rivera, The Weaver, 1956

Rivera is known primarily for his murals, but the artist also did quite a number of canvas paintings. The Hispanic/Native American figure was the major clue here.

2. Vincent van Gogh, A Peasant Woman Digging in front of Her Cottage, 1885
As the date would suggest, this painting is from van Gogh's
early work in Holland during his missionary period. It fits well
with his more famous The Potato Eaters. from the same year.

3. Man Ray, Chess Set, 1927

During the 1920s, Dada artist Marcel Duchamp took up chess,
perhaps through his association with fellow Dadaist Man Ray,
who designed at least two different non-traditional  sets
such around that time. This was the most popular.

4. Georgia O'Keeffe, The Black Place III, 1943
One of about fifteen paintings over the course of several years originating from a
favorite hilly area about 150 miles north of the artist's famous Shadow Ranch
near Taos, New Mexico.

5. Mary Cassatt, After the Bullfight, 1873
Painted early in her career, during a brief stint in Madrid during which time she
was attempting to decide between Spain and France as a place to live.  This
was well before she became well-known for her mother and child works.

6. Georgia O'Keeffe, Sky above Clouds III (mural) 1963

Here the artist was inspired by the newly available vistas of clouds as seen from a jet airliner. This is one of four in the series, each a little larger than the one before. Not a cattle skull or giant flower to be seen anywhere.

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