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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Who is this Artist?

Romeo and Juliette
How much can you tell about an artist just by looking at his or her work? As they say on American TV when they test the Emergency Broadcasting System, "This is a test. This is only a test." I have an ulterior motive in presenting this artist's work. The fact is, I have never displayed the work of an artist for which there seems to be so little personal information. Except for the briefest of curriculum vitae, there is virtually nothing upon which I can write. I've encountered this problem before and usually discarded the artists as being too incidental to warrant a second look. That's not the case in this case. I like the work. Although the artist is academically trained, no degree has been earned.
After a Hundred Years...
In the past, when I've played games with my readers in identifying unnamed artists I've had feedback that the effort was too easy. Here, even though I know the name and a little about the artist, I'd like to know far more. Anyone who can help me in this regard to fill in the missing pieces of this painter's life would be greatly appreciated and adequately credited as an expert art researcher far beyond my meager skills. I'll show the work, even give each piece a partial title, but from there on, I'd like to see how astute my readers can be.


No title for this one.
Portrait of...


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